Monday, July 19, 2010

poppies from heaven

i've been losing sleep over the color green ... sounds funny i know, but in just a few weeks i am to put up my photographs on the wall of my friends restaurant ... my brain has been going crazy thinking of what i want to do and every day or should i say every hour, my ideas evolve ... this morning i decided to grab my camera for a personal project and ran over to my neighbors yard ... my mothers favorite flowers were poppies and ever since she passed away i have hoped to shoot the perfect pic to hang up in my living room ... well she must have been watching down on me because within seconds of being there i knew i not only had the image for my wall, but for my series ... thanks mom !


  1. Your description of this photograph is so powerful - I feel I am hearing a voice from "poppies from heaven". I wonder if you can have your compelling words presented together with your photographes on the wall of your friends' restaurant. Just a humble suggestion!

    Terry C.

  2. Incredible inspiration. You are so talented and these images are beautiful, to say the least. Your mother would be so proud.

  3. Laurie, Congratulations on your beautiful series of poppy flowers. I love the poppy and I have many different colours of them in my garden, with a gorgeous, albeit temporary 'show' in June. My Nanna's favourite flower was the poppy and she recently passed suddenly. I'm just back from BC to assist with arranging her celebration of life. I hope I have the chance to view your artwork.
    I look forward to seeing you again soon.