Monday, January 3, 2011

twenty10 - my year in review

it's the first year in many that i don't know who sold the most albums, what the biggest news story was and thankfully where lindsay lohan was or currently is undergoing rehab ... i not only gave up cable because i was watching way too much trashy TV like 'jersey shore', but i no longer work in media or as the media (a big boo to major layoffs) ... my life has definitely gone through some changes, not all good, but some great!

~ a personal project in memory of my mother turned into my first photography exhibit called 'poppies from heaven' and the series raised just over 9 hundred dollars for breast cancer research.

~ my weekend workshop in the art of food photography sent me into a culinary frenzy ... i have now snuck into a friend's restaurant while closed to take pics of their menu items to give back as framed christmas presents.

~ my new 50 mm macro lens made me realize i absolutely love shooting flowers, so don't be afraid if you see me crawling through your garden - i'm not there passed out from last nights party!

~ i realized i've been shooting pregnancy photos for over a decade so now proudly call myself a 'professional maternity photographer', something i never thought i'd say ... actually 'life's moments' in general are unexpectedly amazing from wedding photography to babies & bumps!

~ lastly, who'd have thought i'd be the business to send out the best darn christmas card ever ... my cats are always getting into mischief and this time i caught my olieboy in action!

i normally don't make resolutions because they're forgotten by the third or fourth day in, but i will say this "i plan on shooting more weddings, food & fashion, i will write and pitch more show ideas, i have personal photo projects on my mind that will eventually get shot and i MUST MUST MUST work on more video productions because i feel lost without it!"

*11 is 1 of my favorite numbers and the rabbit is one of my favorite childhood pets so i'm excited for what's to come!

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