Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i finally made it to the big apple and it was everything i expected - actually it was even more, but i was super happy to get home ... i was pooped, hungover and needed a big time out from the constant hum - tons of people, bombardment of eye candy, the craziness of city lights, traffic & just plain living - and of course we walked all day and drank all night ... listed below are some of my favorite highlights (in no particular order) ...

rooftop patio
gummy bear cheese plate
peach beer avec charles
random half naked dancer
old architecture - modern architecture
neon signs- funny signs
water tanks on buildings
orthodox jews with diamonds
radioactive pond
red doors
cool vintage bars & diners
goat cheese & fresh beet crostini
cocktails called 'daisies'
subway buskers
window displays
smith street in brooklyn
TV in cabs
pool at the social club
maki rolls with shaved almonds
cousin mary
asian bartenders armed with fresh basil and layered shooters
phone booth that unlocks hidden door
sweaty gay latino waiter
the pork shop
crazy dance competition
late night clean up crew
the little church across from ground zero
century 21 - kidding !

***will post more pics as soon i figure out how

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