Friday, November 4, 2011

she's got the look

i saw a really cool fb site about street style called '' where every day people can send in photos of themselves rocking their frocks ... i immediately thought of Justine, our quirky little food runner at lieutenants pump ... every shift she bounces into the bar dressed head to toe in a certain persona for the day ... her mood dictating her clothes, the inspiration coming from either models, fictional characters or celebrities ... one day 'holly go lightly', the next 'amy whinehouse' or even that geekly little guy we love to find and hate, 'waldo' ... after months of busy schedules we finally hit gold - a gorgeous fall day - perfect for a photoshoot ... we were able to shoot 3 different looks within three hours, stopping back in at my place for wardrobe changes ... with each outfit she eased into the role of supermodel more easily and the outcome is even better then i expected ... in her words "i used the hipster look, causal meets pretty and the last one was more of an elegant grocery shopper"

1 comment:

  1. Great work Gals! Justine looks gorgeous and her fashion, as usual, is spot on!