Tuesday, August 24, 2010


the ability to create light is a world of magic ... a person
who can bend, shape and color light expertly in my opinion is right up there with David Copperfield ... there are many tricks and gadgets used, but one that i would have never expected is the speedlite ... last week i went to my food photography workshop armed with a box full of props and food items excited to be the next Penny De Los Santos (or for those who don't know her, to shoot like Food & Drink magazine) ... near the end of the course my instructor, actually magician is more like it, pulled an external flash from his hat and 'abracadabra', i finally saw through the smoke screen ... i was able to create the exact same shot with my external flash as i did with big professional gear, AND the house lights were still on ... now that's true MAGIC !

my inspiration - pennydelossantos.com
my instructor - adrienduey.com

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