Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on second thought

when my friend first approached me to take pictures of her
dog, i flat out said 'no' ... i had never had any desire to do pet
photography and i didn't want them to come out looking like
poop ... BUT after seeing her cute new puppy's pics on FB,
i quickly e-mailed back and said bring him right over ... too bad
i forgot to ask if he knew any commands, because he sure didn't!
our visions of sweet puppy poses went right out the window as
soon as Hudson ran wildly into the studio ... his eyes lit up as bright
as my strobes and the bag of treats we used to trick him into facing
the camera were devoured in minutes ... luckily good ol' peanut butter
saved the day and after an hour of trying to get the perfect shot, we
decided the little man finally had enough ... his tummy had expanded
and he was now on the verge of throwing up.

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