Saturday, November 20, 2010

industrial revelation

so i moved into a new apartment that had everything on my usual wish list - small old character/heritage home with hardwood floors, great location, balcony and most importantly, laundry ... only after a few weeks in i found out that there wasn't going to be any laundry - OUCH, OUCH, TRIPLE OUCH !!! every week i have to haul my granny cart loaded with dirty clothes down the road two blocks, but really it's not all that bad as i can get 3 loads finished in an hour & a half ... on a few occasions i've brought my camera and while my things are in the dryer i walk around and take pics ... last week after shooting dead flowers i went outside into the back smoking section of the laundrymat to check out the images i had just snapped ... it's pretty trashy out there and very fitting for a butt stop ... there's an old tin shed off the building that's all rusty and there's always a weird cloud of steam coming from a small pipe (that's constantly dripping into a broken bucket) ... i normally laugh at how dumpy it is, but FINALLY it hit me to point my camera at all this decay !!! david suzuki sure wouldn't love what's spewing out from the dry cleaner and spilling onto the ground, but my camera sure loves it !!!

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