Wednesday, November 17, 2010

going, going, gone

when i first moved to the market i couldn't wait for fall because i was excited to shoot ottawa's famous landmarks in all their golden splendor ... BUT as the leaves quickly changed i still hadn't grabbed my camera ... not really out of laziness, but it just happens soo fast you barely notice - kinda like when all of a sudden its dark out at 6pm ... by the time i went out to shoot there were only a few patches of leaves left on the trees and even though i still managed to get a few good pics, i didn't get everything i wanted - THAT I ONLY HAVE MYSELF TO BLAME ... i walk through major's hill park almost every day and clearly i'm not actually looking - really i walk everywhere all the time and too often never look up because i'm always lost in my thoughts ... so i make a new promise to myself - stop and enjoy because the good things come and go way too fast !

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